SAUER Uni-Heat U3230

Glazing, surface heating, bolts and screws

Item no.: 70100300
EAN: 4033592110464

Information about the product


For a wide range of tasks on vehicle bodies. Ideal for removing adhesive labels, lettering, paint, decorative strips, and insulating mats. The special induction head included also allows removal of glued-in windscreens.

In addition to the basic unit, the scope of delivery also includes the following induction tools:

  • Heating pad: For heating entire areas
  • Heating rod: For the pinpoint heating of e.g. screws, nuts, tie rods, and  exhaust pipes.
  • Special head: For removing glued-in car windscreens

Product benefits:

  • Pinpoint heating of components
  • No open flames — no heating of/damage to surrounding components
  • Particularly suitable for use in tight spaces
  • Rapid and easy
  • Saves time and increases productivity

 Techn. data:

  • Heat output: 3.0 kW
  • Current consumption: 16 A
  • Power supply: 230 V
  • Induction cable: 2.2 m
  • Weight: 12.5 kg

Technical data

Weight 12.50 kg
Power 3.00 kW
Product quality Premium
Power supply voltage 230 V

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Scope of delivery

Item no. variant Name Quantity
70200301 - SAUER Heating Pad 1
70200303 - SAUER Induction Head 1
70200304 - SAUER Induction Rod 1

Spare and wear parts

Item no. variant Name
70200305 - SAUER Replacement Foot Switch
70200302 - SAUER Glove